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Raimo Big Bag Dispenser
Raimo Big Bag Dispenser
Raimo Big Bag Dispenser

Raimo Big Bag Dispenser

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The Raimo Big Bag Dispensier is used with various free-flowing materials including: seed, pelleted feed, salt, gravel, wood pellets, plastics and various chemical products.

The Product:

Raimo Big Bag Dispenser consists of the following parts.

The main dispenser - has two cutting blades (covered by a safety guard) to penetrate the bag liner and a slide which opens and closes the dispenser. Diameter 13cm.

The locking ring - catches the liner of the bag ensuring the dispenser is securely fastened.

The extension tube - attaches to the main part of the dispenser with a snap-on fitting and directs the material to where it needs to go.

Key Features

•Discharges the exact quantity of most free-flowing materials from big bags

•Directs the flow of material to where you want it

•Safely stores unused material in the bag until it is needed

 When to use  

•When the contents of a big bag only needs to be partially discharged

•In a farming situation when the fertiliser spreader/drill hopper is empty and there is only a small area of land left to be treated

•When the hopper cannot take a full big bag of material

•When there is a need to direct the flow of material from a big bag into another container, for example into a feeder system

•When mixing or blending material and precision is paramount

•When material in a big bag needs to be spread evenly e.g when spreading sand or gravel on a footpath


•Saving on waste = saving money


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