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Thrust- Dock, Buttercup & Ragweed Spray 5L. Also acts on Ragwort, Benweeds, Thistles

Thrust- Dock, Buttercup & Ragweed Spray 5L. Also acts on Ragwort, Benweeds, Thistles

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  • Unique combination of active ingredients to maximise Ragwort control

• Specific label recommendation with Nufarm Cropoil to further improve Ragwort control

• Control of other important perennial weeds in grassland

• Particularly effective against curled and broad-leaved Dock, Benweeds, Thistles, will also kill Clover

Ragwort control

Thrust contains a unique combination of 2,4-D and dicamba. Thrust gives a better and more consistent weed control reducing the need for hand roguing or subsequent treatments.

The best time to apply Thrust- in good growing conditions when the majority of Ragwort plants are in the rosette stage in the autumn or spring but before erect growth begins.

Ideal timing- when Ragwort at rosette stage, 7 cm (2-3 inches) diameter.

Too late- if any erect growth has taken place then the application is too late.

Application rates

Farm sprayer

Apply Thrust at 3.5 l/ha in 200 litres of water per hectare. Nufarm Cropoil can be added at 2.0 l/ha in 200 litres of water per hectare.

Knapsack sprayers

As a rough guide 90 ml of Thrust in 10 litres of water will be sufficient to spray an area of 250 square metres.


Livestock withholding period

Livestock often avoid grazing Ragwort but once sprayed, livestock no longer recognise it as Ragwort and are more likely to graze. Always allow the minimum withholding period of seven days before re-introducing livestock and delay introduction of livestock until the Ragwort dies and become unpalatable. This can often be more than two weeks.

Maximum number of treatments Two per year.

In the Farmyard

Use a designated mixing and filling area for pesticides. Never fill near a water course. Avoid spills no matter how small. Check sprayer for drips or leaks.

In the Field

Do not spray if ground is waterlogged or frozen or if rain is forecast for the next three days. Do not overspray buffer zones and water courses. Avoid drift by using low drift nozzles where appropriate. Keep an area of crop to spray out tank washings.

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