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Top Spec Stud Feed Balancer 20kg

Top Spec Stud Feed Balancer 20kg

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Stud Feed Balancer is designed for broodmares, young stock and stallions. The low sugar and starch formula will promote superb muscle and skeletal development without providing the excess calories which can result in overtopping.


•Optimum amounts of all the micronutrients, including chelated minerals, needed to complement feed intake and allow broodmares and youngstock to reach their maximum potential.

•Excellent quality protein and intracellular soya oil.

•Powerful levels of vitamin E and selenium, vital antioxidants, important for fertility and muscle function.

•Effective levels of amino acids, vitamins, minerals and trace elements to develop and maintain strong bone and superb muscle.

•The scientifically proven levels of biotin (15mg/500kg horse/day), and associated nutrients, to improve hoof and coat quality and skin condition.

•Two advanced yeast products to help optimise fibre digestibility in the hindgut and remove gut pathogens.

Typical feed regime for a 16hh mare (500kg) with a foal at foot:-

•Grazing plus ad-lib good quality hay or haylage

Plus two feeds per day - each containing:-

•600g TopSpec Stud Feed Balancer (promotes condition, fertility, hoof quality, digestion and utilisation, “Non-Heating”)

•300g TopChop Alfalfa (“Non-Heating” unmolassed pure alfalfa chop with added mint and oil)

•Up to 1.2kg of CoolCondition Cubes (“Non-Heating” conditioning cubes, quantity adjusted according to condition)

•Additives if required 10:10 Joint Support, Calmer

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